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Bone Development and Structure Because bone is made up of minerals and is hard, many people think that it is not living material. But a bone in a living animal consists of both living tissue and non-living substances. Within the "alive bone" are blood vessels, nerves, collagen, and living cells including: osteoblasts (cells that help form bone), and osteoclasts (cells that help eat away old bone). In addition, bone contains cells called osteocytes, which are mature osteoblasts that have ended their bone-forming careers. These cells engage in metabolic exchange with the blood that flows through the bones. The nonliving, but very important, substances in bone are the minerals and salts. Besides the metabolically active cellular portion of bone tissue, bone is also made up of a matrix (a bonding of multiple fibers and chemicals) of different materials, including primarily collagen fibers and crystalline salts. The crystalline salts deposited in the matrix of bone are composed principally of calcium and phosphate, which are combined to form hydroxyapatite crystals. As you can see, the chemical formula for hydroxyapatite crystals includes molecules of calcium (Ca), phosphate (PO4), and hydroxide (OH):

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